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March 28, 2020

Just Say It!

Have you ever sat in a meeting or sat in on a conversation and just wanted to say something you would regret later or get reprimanded for?  Have you ever just wanted to scream something so odd and out of context just for the hell of it?  Has anyone ever told you to “SHUT UP!”, “ZIP IT”, “SHUT YOUR TRAP”, “SHUSH”, “Shut your pie hole”, “Silence” or “Talk to the hand cuz the face ain’t listening”?  Is the phrase “wait your turn” said to you often but your turn never comes or when your turn comes you forgot what you wanted to say? What about the phrase “What is wrong with you!  You should have said that” or “That is not appropriate”?  

Well, now is the time to JUST SAY IT.  Let it out.  No more waiting your turn or forgetting what you wanted to say.   Now is the time to say it while it is fresh in your mind and it has passion behind it.  Live for the moment and free your conscience from the normal so called “Proper” speaking behavior that is ingrained in you from others.  Talk to those who have the same thoughts, emotions, ideas and passions as yourself.  It’s like writing in your special journal diary but better… It talks back.   

Think of this site as a white canvas to paint your own words on.  Explore others journals and thoughts.  You might just find others that have the same aspirations, desires, challenges, interest as you.  No one is perfect but I guarantee you will find your perfect fit to challenge and discover your social acceptance, your voice and your happiness by sharing your thoughts with others and having others share your thoughts with you.  

Here’s to a year of health, recovery, discovery, disappointment to learn from, acknowledgments to yourself and others, small successes, bigger goals, minor set-backs to keep life real, new ideas, bad ideas, a steady job, a financial comeback, a year older, a mental recharge, an open heart, a clear mind and a sincere sole and maybe a less naive and a little wiser. 

Just Say it!  And discover a whole new world!

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