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May 10, 2020

National ANIMAL ABUSE Registry

What are your thoughts on passing a law requiring Animal Abusers that are caught in the act to have to register on a national ANIMAL ABUSE Registry like Sex Offenders have to do?  That way we can identify all of these abusers on Google Maps and exploit them? What do you say? It may show Nike to think twice on supporting Michael Vick.  

Within the past 10 years I have been involved with an Animal Foster Agency who take in any kind of foster.  Since the group resides in South Florida they tend to get a lot of “Bully Breeds” in the system. 

My first foster was a bully breed rescued after she was used as a “bait dog” for training more aggressive fighting dogs. 


Her poor body was starved, beaten, torn and tormented for the first 2 years of her life.  As she became safe and healthier, within the foster system, she found me and I fell in love.  I fell in love with her willingness to forgive love, her anxiety and fears from her past.   She finally recovered from her past only to pass away because of it.  Her heart was so distressed that it finally gave up. She died happy while running with the dog part with he favorite German shepherd.

Here is was my tribute to Chloe and why I feel so inspired and strongly about stricter laws on animal abuse.

The loss of my dog Chloe is truly tragic, heartbreaking, and unparalleled experience. Chloe gave me support, comfort, camaraderie, affection, and love that had no bounds. Who would have thought I would receive so much from a dog that was considered a “throw away”, a “piece of damaged goods”  or a product to which to treat as a training mechanism for fighting other dogs of “unlawful entertainment” ( a bait dog). Her past was not very clear and I did not care. Her future was my future and she brought me joy with every slobbery kiss, cuddle and nonverbal conversation. My time with her was short (only a year and half) and I will cherish every minute I had with her.  The only wish is that she had more time to be happy. She deserved it. What she gave to me I cannot thank her enough. She taught me patience, sincerity and the simple pleasure of being happy. Chloe also shared a bond with other foster dogs and soon to be adopted dogs. Every scared little puppy or disoriented dog we fostered she comforted them with toys and cuddles.

 I share this with all of you in hopes that you realize what an adopted dog or animal can give you and what you can give to them in return.  I also share this story to show what dog abuse can do to, not only, a dog of the animals and humans around her. The loss of an innocent victim because of someone else’s dirty pleasures.

Thank you Chloe for what you have given me and others.  You will be missed by many and remembered with good thoughts.  Hugs and Kisses! Love you.  

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